Breeds Raised by Tursaco Rabbitry

New Zealand White
This is the premier of the meat producing rabbits Ideal Senior weight of 10.5 pounds.
This is also an excellent meat producing rabbit with an attractive look because of it’s black point markings. Ideal Senior weight of 9.5 pounds.
Florida White
This is the scaled down version of the New Zealand and produces a good 3- 4 pound fryer. Ideal Senior weight of 5.0 pounds.

Tursaco’s owner has been involved with rabbits as a hobby for over 50 years and the Rabbitry is located just outside of Brantford, Ontario. Peter is a licenced Rabbit Judge with the Dominion Rabbit and Cavy Breeders Association as well as a licenced Rabbit Registrar with the American Rabbit Breeders Association.

Note:  All pictures shown are of rabbits produced at Tursaco Rabbitry

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 Updated: August 28, 2020